Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Creative Week

I had a busy, but very productive week! (1) You already heard about my night painting on Monday night.

(2) On Tuesday night, I made these two lap trays for birthday gifts for my nephew and Claire's friend Cooper. I paired these trays with a drawing pad and pack of markers (washable of course).

I saw these lap trays in gift stores for upwards of $20 and decided to buy blank lap trays at Michael's (on sale this week for $4.99) and paint pens and make my own. (I think paint pens are on sale at Michael's this week too.) Find some free clip art online and trace with a pencil, and voila ... a very nice and inexpensive child's gift.

(My friend Colleen actually inspired me to get off my bottom and make one of these when she gave Claire one for her 3rd birthday. I had already bought the lap trays and the pens.)

Cooper is a big Spiderman fan. This is a one of a kind piece because I will NEVER do this one again.

(3) Wednesday and Thursday night was spent binding this baby quilt while we watched lots of TV. This is the first quilt I have actually finished. I love the soft minky fabric backing. This quilt top went together very quick ... back in May! I just got around to quilting, backing and binding it the past two weeks. I love how it turned out and baby Jacob's Mommy & Daddy were here this weekend for a wedding and I got to give it to them in person! It was very fun to see their reaction. I am glad they liked it. I had fun making it and can't wait to start my next one.

You can find the quilt pattern here. (No applique on my quilt.) I just straight-line quilted this quilt, but I hope to try out some stippling on my next quilt ... if I can get up the nerve!

Here is a picture of my and Baby Jacob when we were at the beach with his family last month.

(4) On Wednesday night (late) and into the wee morning hours of Thurday morning, I was "redecorating" this blog. I did a lot of googling "how to ..." and switching back and forth between Photoshop, Photobucket and the blog. I edited HTML, created signatures and banners and all sorts of new stuff. I hope you like it because it is going to stay this way for a really long time!

By the way, I am still recovering from my 2:00 AM bedtime on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Good thing the kids let me sleep until 7:30 the next morning. I'm not so young anymore!

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