Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bedtime Routine

Will and I have a pretty good nighttime routine down. While I clean up the kitchen after dinner and get things ready for the next day, he takes the kids upstairs for their baths and puts them to bed. By the time I finish up downstairs, Will is finished upstairs and we meet up for a little downtime in front of the TV.

But, sometimes we have to switch things up a little bit for one reason or another. This week, Will had to do some online training for work at night, so he started the baths and I finished things up ... which means I got to read a story and share some bedtime snuggles with this little guy.

And I got to get this little gal out of the bathtub, lather her up with lotion, zip her up in her pjs and put her to bed.

As Martha Stewart would say, it was a "good thing."

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