Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Goodies & Goo

Saturday morning, we carved our pumpkins just in time for Halloween night. David really enjoyed it, but Claire kind of kept her distance. Okay ... David really just enjoyed taking the "lids" off the pumpkins and putting them back on, which I think he is doing in every single picture!

After Will cleaned out all the goo, I fished out all the pumpkins seeds and roasted them using this recipe. They were yummy, but I'm not sure it was worth all the trouble it took to get the seeds cleaned out of the pumpkins! And two medium-sized pumpkins only yielded 2 cups of seeds!

The finished pumpkins.

After the pumpkins were cleaned up and put away, I made these yummy cupcakes to take to our little Halloween gathering that night. I found my inspiration here. I had to improvise a little on the spider legs because I couldn't find any pull-apart black licorice. Very cute for a photo item (if you're into photographing food), but the kids would have been just as happy with a plain chocolate cupcake I think.

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