Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Date Night & Pizza Night

Last Thursday, my mom was in town for a doctor's appointment and picked the kids up at preschool and took them home with her to spend the night. Will and I got to check out a fun new Tex-Mex restaurant in our area and we finished almost all of our Christmas shopping for the kids. It is amazing how much shopping you can get done in a short amount of time with no kids. We had a blast! Thanks Mom!

Friday night, my sister and her family came over to hang out and catch up and we had pizza. {If you have not had a $9.99 pizza from Sam's Club you are missing a good pizza and a great deal.}

I love it that all of our kids are old enough to sit at the kids' table together now. David is the youngest by 6 months and he finally graduated from the high chair. He was actually the only kid that actually stayed at the table and ate. We thought he would be roaming all over the place since he wasn't strapped down.

My niece ... Evie.

My nephew ... Ian.

My little man David. He got a major haircut on Friday afternoon. {He still has a little nap bedhead in this picture.}

We always have lots of fun with Aunt Ashley & Uncle Jon and tonight was no exception.

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