Monday, November 23, 2009

A few "notes" from our errand outing today

Dear Costco:

Please do not tell me that my pictures will be ready at noon if they will not be ready. When I arrive at 12:15 with both kids in tow (in the rain) and they aren't ready, it does not make me happy. When I go eat lunch with my kids in your store to wait on the pictures and I return 30 minutes later and my pictures still aren't ready (4-4x6 prints mind you ... not a whole order of Christmas cards), please offer me a little sympathy because now I will have to make a second trip to your store to pick up my pictures (that I need to give my family at Thanksgiving) tomorrow or Wednesday on days that I am supposed to work and when your store will probably be even more crowded.

On a positive note, we enjoyed our lunch for three that cost $3.81.

Your friend,


Dear Publix:

Please tell your cashiers not to scold my children for standing up in the shopping cart when I am standing right beside them. (1) Not only does it make me feel like a bad parent, it made my 3-1/2 year old cry. (2) I am their parent and I am not going to let them plunge to their deaths from a shopping cart. (3) Maybe if you would keep the seat belts in your shopping carts in good working order, my children would not be able to stand up in the shopping cart.

On a positive note, my son thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin pie samples you were giving out in the store. He gobbled it up like I had not fed him in days.

Your loyal customer,

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Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Love it!

Our Publix gave the kids cookies today.

I enjoyed the WINE sample!