Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Another football game weekend for us ... and this time we took the kids. Yikes! It was a much different experience, but we still had a good time.

The kids spent the morning at the tailgate site with us and then our babysitter came and picked them up after lunch so that the adults could go watch the football game. Our kids and our friends' kids had a fun time playing together at the house while we watched an AWESOME football game ... the best all year in my book.

Here are some pictures from our day out on the quad.

Claire and Hartley

Libba and Nikki

Chef David and his assistant Will frying up some yummy catfish.

The stroller brigade. The tiniest Bama fans gathered around for lunch.


Our kind hosts ... David & Nikki

Will concentrates on the game. It was a nail biter for sure.

A picture of the game.

Man, this was a good game. This was an important win for Bama as the winner pretty much determined who goes to the SEC championship game for the SEC-West division. Bama really turned it on during the 4th quarter and pulled off a strong victory. Bryant-Denny stadium was the loudest I've heard it ever.

Roll Tide!

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Lindsey Smith Photography said...

So glad to see you have a blog!!! Hopefully we'll see ya'll back in town before next football season!