Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Summer Vacations: Las Vegas

Still trying to catch-up on writing about all the trips we took this summer. Back in June, Will and I headed to Vegas. Will had been out there all week for a business meeting and I had a free plane ticket on Southwest, so we thought this would be the cheapest way for us to ever do a Vegas vacation.

This was my first trip to Vegas, and I have to say, it is one of the most fun trips I have taken in a long time. I don't know if it was really just that fun, or if I just really needed a grown-up vacation after spending the week all alone in single parent mode. Whatever the reason, we had a blast!

This is the lobby of the Palazzo hotel. We stayed in the Venetian, which is connected to this hotel. I love all the umbrellas!

The hallway off the main lobby in the Venetian. Beautiful!

We did manage to see a show while we were in Vegas. We saw La Reve at the Wynn hotel. It was amazing! The shows in Vegas are so expensive, but it was totally worth it.

A statute in front of Caesar's Palace.

The infamous fountains in front of the Bellagio. They have a show every 15 minutes.

Will and I before dinner one night. Our hotel is over to my right.

Ahhh Casino Royale ... you were kind to us on this trip. Most of the nice hotels in Vegas have pretty pricey minimum bets on their table games. Will found this little joint with some of his buddies from work and we spent hours there playing $3/hand Caribbean stud poker. We won pretty big too ... I mean, as big as you can win playing $3 bets. My goal in gambling is to (1) have fun and (2) break even. To come out ahead is a bonus in my book.

Will lounging by the pool. Over to his left, was the Tao pool, made famous by many reality TV celebrities (Lauren Conrad, Bill Rancic and the Kardashian girls). It was packed and people were lined up to get in.

Here's me lounging in the pool. R&R at its finest.

I loved all the tall shiny buildings against the brilliant blue sky. I have to say, the sky in Vegas is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

The Palazzo

Treasure Island

The Trump Tower

The Mirage

The Paris Hotel and Planet Hollywood hotel at night. You must see this in person to really appreciate it.

More gambling. I don't think I was supposed to take this picture on the casino floor, but no one caught me so I shot away. Will hit it big on the slots at the Wynn.

At dinner our first night there. I highly recommend making dinner reservations before you go. Most of the really good places book up fast. We did get to eat at Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay's restaurant) and it was amazing ... very expensive, but very good.

This is not a good picture, but I included it because it looked okay on my camera screen and the waiter talked to us for about 5 minutes about how good he is at taking pictures and maybe he should look into becoming a photographer. Suggestion: learn how to use auto focus before you undertake that endeavor!

Will got his picture made with an Elvis impersonator.

We took a little side trip out to the Hoover Dam. It was hot. And dry. And it made me a little queasy. An amazing structure though and truly a beautiful place.

Right now, the dam is the only road that leads from Las Vegas into Arizona (and on to the Grand Canyon), but they are in the process of building a new bridge that will bypass the dam.

On the other side of the dam.

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