Sunday, December 20, 2009

Make Christmas Cookies ... check.

Claire loves to decorates Christmas cookies. Last year, we had a little cookie party for a few friends, but this year, I just couldn't pull it together. Too much other stuff going on. So, the kids and I had our own little party one afternoon after preschool. They had a blast.

This is David's first year to decorate cookies. He has a mean sprinkle.

Snotty nose that turned into an ear infection the following day and sticky fingers that dirtied up my kitchen! So cute though.

This is what happened when I took the sprinkles away. He was not happy.

This was a super simple and super cheap process. If you have a GFS marketplace near you, they sell pre-cut sugar cookies (in star, bell and tree shapes) that taste just as good as homemade for $9.99. I think you get like 70 cookies and you can pop them in the oven straight from the freezer. I still had a few left over from last year (they have been in my freezer for that long) and they still taste fine. After I baked the cookies, I iced them with this icing and let the kids decorate a few at a time on a paper plate. The small sprinkles came from the dollar bin at Target (5 per pack) so I didn't feel too bad when I threw away those green sprinkles that David covered with icing.

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