Saturday, December 19, 2009

Visit Santa ... check.

Santa was kind of a disappointment this year. Not Santa himself, mainly the kids' reaction Santa. Claire did great last year, so I expected no problems from her this year.

WRONG! She was terrified of him. Not so scared that she couldn't cry out that she wanted a car and a bicycle ... but scared nonetheless.

David could have cared less. I thought he would be the one who was scared of Santa. WRONG AGAIN!

This is the best picture we got with Santa. I look thrilled to be there don't I? This was our second trip to see Santa. The first time, we didn't get any pictures. We left and ate dinner at the mall. During dinner, Claire said she wanted to go back and see him. We got this picture after dinner. Still not great, but better than nothing I guess.

See pictures from Santa's past here.

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