Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I got a call from the director at Claire's preschool today telling me that she said her throat hurt and she had a low-grade fever and wanted to come home. She did have a low-grade fever the night before, but a little Motrin and it was gone by morning. I even checked her temp again before we went to school.

When the director called my cell phone, I was in the bathroom at work and missed the call. Then, she called my home phone and talked to my nanny who was home with David (he doesn't have MDO on Wednesday). The nanny called me to tell me about Claire and I called the director back to tell her that the nanny was coming to pick Claire up.

Here is the funny part of this story ... when the director couldn't get me on my cell phone, she asked Claire if she should call her daddy. Claire's response was, "No, my daddy is at work and we don't need to bother him." What?!? Clearly, it is no big deal at all to call mommy, and bother her at work.

The reason I titled this post "Payback" is because when I was in elementary school, I called my parents from the school office at least once a week to come home because I didn't feel good. I loved getting to go home and lay on the couch and watch daytime television.

[An aside ... when I spell checked this post, I had misspelled the work "elementary." Clearly, I should have stayed at school and worked a little harder on my spelling skills!]

I did make Claire take a nap this afternoon, which she normally does not do on days that she is home. Apparently that healed her because she had a grand ole time playing outside this afternoon and going to the grocery store with me tonight after dinner.

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chawthorne said...

She also had a grand old time making her bunny cupcake today! Hope her throat is feeling better!