Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. 33. I am feeling a little old, although I have been told I don't look it. (I still get asked for identification almost everytime I order an adult beverage.)

I had a wonderful weekend full of celebrations. Friday night, we ate dinner at my mom & dad's house where we had my mom's fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and deviled eggs (mine and my sister's favorite). For dessert, we had chocolate cake with marshmallow creme frosting, like my Meme used to make. It was yummy!!

Saturday afternoon, I got to sneak away to the spa for a much needed manicure and pedicure. Thanks to Will for setting that up for me! It was a treat! Saturday afternoon, my in-laws came by to visit (they were in town visiting some other relatives) and they took us to dinner at my favorite new Mexican restaurant, Chuy's. We got there at 4:45 and still had to wait 30 minutes for a table, but it was totally worth it!

Today, we had lunch after church at our favorite meat and three diner, where David managed to get ketchup on his ear and collar of his white shirt even though he only ate about 3 bites of food. I tried to talk Will into watching New Moon tonight, but I think he cried foul on all the birthday celebrating for this year.

Now that I am reading back over this, apparently, birthdays are all about eating for this pregnant gal. Might as well enjoy it while I can! I did get some fun birthday cards that sing and light up that Claire quickly confiscated for her card collection. You may see her on the show Hoarders one day ... I'm just warning you.

Speaking of eating, you must watch Jamie Oliver's show, Food Revolution. Will and I are both hooked and are seriously thinking about making some changes to how our family eats.

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