Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Hanukkah

Both of my kids are celebrating birthdays this week ... and I totally had to look up how to spell Hanukkah. Here's the schedule:

Monday: Claire's birthday. Family fun night at Chuck E. Cheese.

Tuesday: Cookies at preschool for Claire's birthday.

Thursday: Cookies at mother's day out for David's birthday.

Friday: David's birthday.

Saturday: the Big Birthday party at Bounce U.

Whew, I'm tired and it's only Monday. Here are some pictures from our night a Chuck E. Cheese.

Claire stayed far away from the "real" Chuck E. Cheese, but she didn't mind giving the plastic, less creepy version a big hug.

David liked playing with the plastic Chuck E. Cheese too.

Will and David eating pizza.

Claire and me (just to prove that I was actually there).

David loved the whack-a-mole game, but he had to work hard (with both hands) to swing that mallet.

David very quickly learned how to put the "money" in the machine. If they had a game where you had to put coins in a slot, he would hit the jackpot.

Claire and Will playing air hockey ...

and riding the jet ski.

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