Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I may need to find a new pediatrician

As a follow-up to our grocery store trip last Thursday, I took both of the kids to see our pediatrician for their annual well-check (a pro to having both birthdays in the same week!). What a mistake that was!! I knew it was going to be bad when both kids were running around the waiting room spinning and squealing. David was also throwing himself on the floor in playful fits. They were having a grand ole time much to the amusement of the other patients waiting to see their doctors (who all had lap babies or babies in car seats).

The nurse came out and called for "Aiden" but I thought she said "David" and back we went. Not until I had undressed David down to his diaper did the nurse realize she had the wrong patients. Thankfully, they were able to move us into one of our doctor's exam rooms and I didn't have to re-dress David and take the walk of shame back into the waiting room.

Next came the exam of both kids, which was pretty non-eventful. Everyone looked great. Here are the official stats.

Claire: Weight=31 lbs (30%), Height=38 3/4 inches (30%)

David: Weight=27 lbs (45%), Height=33 1/2 inches (25%)

[I was told that my kids are "well proportioned".]

Claire still has a small hole in her left eardrum where her ear tube was placed, so we will have to follow-up with the ENT on that (it's been there almost a year and hasn't healed yet). That is a trip the two of us will be making ALONE!

Claire started asking the night before if she was going to have to get a shot. I told her I didn't know. [Last time she saw the doctor, she had strep throat and I opted for the Rocephin shot instead of 10 days of antibiotics. Apparently, it is a very painful shot ... a fact the nurse told me after the shot had been administered.] When our pediatrician walked in, she asked him if she had to get a shot and he said he didn't know yet and turned to me and said "Y-E-S." Great!

After the exams, I told Claire she was going to have to get a shot and this is where it got really fun. She put her hand on her hip and stomped her foot and said "I don't want to get a shot." There was a lot of crying and screaming involved too. And then David started crying because Claire was crying. There was a lot of begging and pleading and bargaining done by me and I honestly thought we might have to leave there without the shot. I pretty much had to lay on top of her on the exam table while she got the shot.

Well, the shots were given (David had to get a shot and a finger prick) and more crying ensued. I had to carry Claire to the front desk to check out. She couldn't walk because her leg hurt so bad. She is quite the drama queen. A couple of princess stickers made her leg feel a little better. And she was miracuously healed by the time we got home.

Oh, and did I mention that Claire had to go pee in a cup after all that. [We had already tried once with no success.] Fortunately, she managed to squeeze a little out.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that David broke my sunglasses and colored on a chair in the exam room while we were there. Nice!

After all that, we finally headed home. I am sure that office staff was glad to see us go! And I am sure that it was much quieter in there after we left!

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