Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

We had such a beautiful spring weekend that we did not do much laying around in the house, but this was right after the kids woke up from their nap on Sunday afternoon. I was trying to finish up some shorts for David in my sewing room/guest and the kids naturally ended up in there with me. (They are watching the Masters on TV, which is what I had on when they woke up.)

We had a special house guest this weekend ... Lucy-belle (as Claire calls her). Her real name is just plain old Lucy. Lucy used to live with us. She was born to my parents' poodle in 1998 and became my dog. She stayed with us when Will and I got married. Will grew to love her. She stayed with us when we had Claire. When Claire was about 8 months old, she was crawling near Lucy's food bowl and Lucy nipped her on the cheek. She was not a big fan of children which made it difficult for us to keep her, but she was part of the family.

When this little man came along (couldn't you just eat him up?), I decided I could not have three little ones constantly under my feed ... and there was the fear that she might bite one of my children again. And don't forget about all the barking during nap time. [We have finally invested in sound machines for our kids' rooms so that would not be a big deal anymore.] So, to keep Lucy in the family, my parents gladly took her. [Their dog, Abby, who was Lucy's mother, had recently passed away and they were missing having a dog.]
So, now we are content with having Lucy coming to visit when my parents are out of town, which is more often than you would think. Claire loves Lucy and wants her to sleep in her bed with her. [She sleeps with us instead.] David really never paid much attention to Lucy until recently. He has even gotten brave enough to pet her and he is surprisingly gentle, which bodes well for our new addition! And Lucy doesn't seem to mind as much as she used to.
So, thank you Lucy for letting my children terrorize you this weekend. David is saying that Lucy is "night, night" in this picture, and surely she must have needed a rest after a long weekend at our house.

Aside from immediate family members like Mommy, Daddy and Sister (Claire), and grandparents, the only name I have heard David say (and that I've understood) is "Lucy". It is too cute!

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