Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We may be potty training soon ...

and here's why:

(1) David loves to take his clothes off, especially his pants.

(2) I have come into David's room after nap on more than one occasion and he has taken his diaper off. Once he had tee-tee'd (is that even a word?) all over the bed.

(3) David has recently tee-tee'd in the bathtub on several occasions, which wouldn't be that bad if Claire wasn't in there with him.

(4) David tells me that he is "stinky" almost every time he goes #2. In fact, last week, he came into the kitchen with his wipes and diaper bag and began to take his diaper off. If I hadn't stopped him, he probably would have tried to change his own diaper. I did stop him and asked him what he was doing and he said "I stinky."

(5) He loves to try and sit on the potty, especially when he see Claire or me going to the bathroom.

Here's why I might wait to potty train David, even though he is CLEARLY ready:

(1) He almost never goes #2 while he is awake. Almost all of his stinky diapers occur during nap time or nighttime and we change him when he wakes up. This will clearly cause some problems with potty training to go #2, which I have heard is much harder for boys than girls.

(2) He just turned 2 this month. Most boys do better potty training if you wait until they are closer to 3.

(3) Timing. I will not be on maternity leave until September. (I potty trained Claire while I was on maternity leave with David.) In fact, we only have a two week break between the end of preschool and the beginning of the kids' summer program when we could get the potty training done. We have a month off in August, but I think that is too close to when the new baby is due. Oh, and I will be working during both of these breaks from school.

We potty trained Claire easy-breezy in about 5 days. She had really showed no interest at all before we started. I don't think she had even sat on the potty before. We stayed at home and armed ourselves with lots of character pa*nties and stayed in the kitchen on the tile floor. We bought lots of candy and a kid potty that makes music when you tinkle. And it worked.

Hopefully, David's training will go the same way, but I know it is different for boys. If I knew it would only take 5-10 days, I would be all geared up to go mid-May, but I don't know that with him. But he is definitely ready. And if I don't do it in May or June, I probably need to wait until November or December when we get settled in with the new baby. Who knows how many times that diaper may come off before then?!?

Any thoughts, opinions or advice? It would be VERY nice to only buy diapers for one come the fall ...

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