Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Favorites: My favorite dress pattern

I have made Claire some pretty cute dresses, but my all-time favorite pattern is the Caroline dress. I love this dress because it is very cute and very easy to make. You could probably finish it in an hour if you had uninterrupted sewing time (which I never have).

This dress is very versatile too. It has a matching doll dress pattern that is perfect for preemies (and dolls, of course). Plus, you can use a ribbon tie to tie on both shoulders (or one).

Or, you can use a fabric tie (to match the coordinating band) and tie on one shoulder. This can also be worn as a top or a dress. One of my favorite girl baby gifts to give is a size 0-12 month of this dress. The first year, it can be worn as a dress with bloomers and the next year (depending on baby's size) it can be worn as a top with some cute bloomers or leggings underneath.

It's also perfect for matching sister dresses since it ranges from sizes 0-8. (My friend Krystie's girls. We made three of these dresses in about 3 hours one Saturday.)

I also love this dress because you can wear it year-round. You can wear it as a sundress when it is warm. (I love these Alabama elephants!)

Or you can pair it with a turtleneck and leggings to wear in the colder months.

The possibilities are endless.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for my promotion of this product. I really do just love it that much!


Rebekah said...

This is such a cute dress! I love it, great work!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I am really impressed! Those are all beautiful! (Except the Alabama ones, but the cute kids make them okay. :)

Dawn said...

so cute! i used to make dresses like these for my laura when she was oh-so-small... it has been fun to see my niece wear a few as hand-me downs!