Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Happy Place

Claire's old bedroom became my craft room this weekend ... or as I like to refer to it ... my Happy Place! Claire and David are going to share a room when the new baby arrives and the baby is going to take over David's current room/nursery.

That left Claire's old room open. Since it is the smallest bedroom in the house, it is not really big enough to make it a guest room. We moved all of my sewing stuff from the old guest room/Claire and David's new room and all of my scrapbook stuff from the bonus room into this room. (We will now be able to make a bigger play area for the kids in the bonus room.)

The sewing side.

The scrapbook side.

Clearly, I still have a little decorating to do. At the very least I need to remove Claire's name from the wall! I would love to hang some pictures and maybe put up a few shelves on the wall. I would also like to hang a bulletin board to store project ideas until I get around to doing them (which takes a while).

I found these lovely photos over at Creating by Cami. I have decided that to have an affordable craft room that fits all of your crafting needs, your husband needs to have some mad woodworking skills ... and mine does not.

I like the series of hanging boards above her sewing area.

And, I love her little ideas/inspiration clothesline.

Now, maybe I can actually finish Claire and David's baby books before baby #3 arrives. Sounds like a lofty goal since I have barely started. Looks like I need to sit down and make some realistic goals and get to scrappin'.

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