Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swim Lessons: Take 2

This starts our second summer of swim lessons. Last year, we just got friendly with the water and learned the basics of paddling our arms and kicking our legs.

We started Claire off with a round of group swim lessons. Now that we have finished those up, we will start private lessons and hopefully learn to swim very quickly with all of that one-on-one time (especially since we pay by the lesson)!

Waiting for class to start on the first day.

We were excited to find out that Claire's friend Kathryn (from preschool) was also in her class. I think they were good motivation for each other. Claire inspired Kathryn to wear cute swimsuit cover-ups to/from class (which she normally won't do according to her mom) and Kathryn inspired Claire to put her head under the water ... voluntarily.
The whole group out on the platform in the pool.
Claire solo swimming to the rope ...
... and back. With a little lift from her teacher of course.
This girl loves the water. That is for sure!

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