Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ballerina Girl

Sunday was Claire's very first dance recital. She did great! She was so excited to dance on the big stage. And as much as I complained this year about planning our day around dance lessons every Friday and all the money spent on tuition, shoes, tights and costumes (and pictures and a DVD), it was well worth it.

This was her ballet costume where they danced to "Put a Little Love in Your Heart".

Dance buddies, Evie and Hannah.

All lined up and ready to go backstage for the first act.

Me and Claire. Claire loved getting to put a little make-up on before the show. I did not love washing my waterproof mascara off of her that night.

Next up was her tap dance routine to "Buttercup". I love the yellow!!

Hannah, Claire and Evie. I love how they are posing ... they did that all on their own, I promise.

Flowers after the performance. Claire was excited about the flowers. That was $5 well spent!

DiDi and RiRi came to see the show, which lasted 2-1/2 hours! Yikes ... that is a lot of dancing!

And Meme and Poppy came too of course.

I think we will definitely have more dance classes in the future for this little ballerina! I'm just glad we only have one girl!!!

On a side note, David sat in the auditorium from about 2:30 until 5pm. We brought the portable DVD player to keep him entertained before the show, but he loved watching all the dancing. After every performance he would say "another one, another one" and just grin and clap.

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Lou Lou said...

It's hard to tell if Claire likes to have her picture taken ;) She's a doll!