Sunday, June 13, 2010

Potty Training: Day 2

Today was a long day. Especially since Will and Claire went to church and I got to stay home with the trainee.

But, we did make progress today. I think after one more day, it is all going to click. I am going to stay home from work with him tomorrow rather than subjecting our sitter to this torture.

When I was fixing dinner tonight, David actually walked in the kitchen and told me he had to tee-tee. We sat him on the potty and he did it!! The first time all day. Then, he went again during dinner ... in the potty of course.

We had a few accidents today, but only small ones. Like he would start then stop then realize he wasn't supposed to tee-tee in his underwear. But, of course, then we would sit him on the potty and he wouldn't do anything. He seems to have issues releasing it into the potty. Why is that so scary for kids?

He has caught on to a few things though. When he wants to get up from the table, before everyone else is finished eating, he tells us he has to tee-tee (even though he really doesn't). And, he will go sit on the potty 20 times a day and not do anything to get a piece of candy for "trying". He is a smart little booger!

Day 2 tally: accidents (4); tee-tee in potty (3); poo-poo in the potty (0).

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