Monday, June 14, 2010

Potty Training: Day 3

Success!!!! Today was a good day. I was home by myself with the kids all day. And we had to make an outing to the YMCA for Claire's swim lesson this afternoon.

David has now figured out that he is not supposed to tee-tee in his underwear. And he can hold it for a good long while. He still just doesn't love going on the potty. He will do it though. Especially if it means he gets to flush the potty when he is finished.

When we potty trained Claire, she was at about the same place on Day 3. She had stopped having accidents at that point, but still wouldn't voluntarily go unless you just sat her on the potty and made her. (Or filled her so full of fluid that she just had to let it out.) It was really on Day 6 that she realized ... hey, Mommy is giving me a Hershey Kiss every time I use the potty ... I'm going to go every 5 minutes and eat a whole bag of chocolate. (After that day, we revised our reward system.)

I have gotten really frustrated with this boy over the past few days. But he is just so sweet and he constantly reminds me of that. Like yesterday, he was playing with Claire's stuffed Mickey Mouse (which he has now claimed as his own) and he was putting Mickey on the little potty and giving him milk to drink from his sippy cup. Then, today, he went a got a sucker from the bowl on the kitchen counter and brought it in to show me. I told him that he could not have a sucker unless he put more tee-tee in the potty. He kind of put his head down and ran off and I got up to chase him. He was running back into the kitchen to put the sucker back in the bowl just like I told him to.

Will gets to stay home with David tomorrow. He is off tomorrow anyway. Hopefully, after that, we can go back to our regular routine, diaper free.

And I promise not to write anymore potty talk.

Day 3 tally: accidents (1); tee-tee in potty (5); poo-poo in potty (1); dry pull-up at YMCA (1).

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emilyosburne said...

Susan - you are crackin' me up with this potty tally!