Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Grandparent Visits

The kids have gotten to spend some quality time with their grandparents this summer.

I remember going to my Meme and PawPaw's house growing up and spending weeks at a time with them. (It seemed like weeks to me ... it was probably just a few nights.) I got to play dress-up with my mom's old clothes, pick fruit and vegetables out of their garden, play in my Meme's flour drawer, ride the tractor and eat lots of ice cream. They had an awesome garden and lots of great home cooked veggies in the summer. (Think fried everything.) I remember eating tons of strawberries straight from the garden. (My PawPaw had a big bucket of fishing worms out in his shed that scared me just a little bit.)

My kids have a little different experience as their grandparents both live in town and not in "the country" like my grandparents did. But, they still have fun ... just different fun. And they still eat a lot of treats and come home tired and dirty just like I did.

Back in June, my parents got to keep all four grandkids overnight when my sister and her hubby had a wine tasting at their house to celebrate their 8th anniversary. Here are all 4 playing in the "kids' room". (On a side note, I'm not real sure why my mom still has a Christmas tree up in there.) The kids love to jump on that bed that is built into the floor.

The big kids slept in the bonus room on the pull-out couch. (David still sleeps in the crib at their house ... for a few more months at least.)

These two were still awake when Will and I got there around 10pm. (On another side note, that is my Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag that Claire is sleeping in. My parents really do save everything!)

These two princesses in their princess pjs.

Mickey waffles are the best. We bought this waffle iron as a gift for my mom the summer before my senior year of high school ... 16 year ago.

David loved the Mickey waffles the best!

Mini bunk-bed. I'm pretty sure that this is not what Meme intended this piece of furniture to be used for.

The next weekend in June, Will's parents came up to visit on a Friday night and brought Breanna and Davis (our niece and nephew) with them. They stayed in a fancy hotel and after dinner, the kids (including David) got to swim at the hotel pool with RiRi and DiDi. (Will and I ran a whole bunch of errands while the kids were swimming.)

Claire got to spend the night at the hotel with her cousins and they got up to swim some more after breakfast and before check-out the next morning. (This is what kind of picture I get when I send my hubby with the camera.)

Claire and David are thankful for all the fun times they get to have with their grandparents and cousins. We are thankful for the free childcare!

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