Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's in a Name?

We have finally decided on a name for the new baby.

Luke Taylor

"Luke" just because we liked it and thought it went well with Claire and David. We also liked that it was a biblical name. "Taylor" because we wanted to use a family name and that is my very favorite Meme's maiden name. We decided on Luke a while ago, but just couldn't commit to a middle name.

Since I did not blog when I had my other two children, I thought I would share the meaning behind their names too.

Anna Claire. We call her Claire, of course, which fits her perfect. I have wanted to name my daughter this as long as I can remember. "Anna" is a biblical character (a prophetess who never left the temple and worshipped God day and night) and my mom is "Ann". "Claire" is my middle name, which was taken from "Clara", a close family friend when I was born.

William David. You know him as David. "William" is after my husband Will, who was named after a great-grandfather on his dad's side, William Dozier Locke. "David" because we just really liked that name and the we liked that it was a biblical name as well.

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Jessica Bradford Odom said...

Love it! My brother's name is Luke and I have always liked it, one of my favorite biblical names. Hope all is well :)