Friday, October 22, 2010

Gotta wear shades

The future's so bright ...

My mom came over to help a couple of days last week (my sanity thanks her very much!) and she let the kids play in her car when they got home from preschool. (Don't worry. She was sitting out there with them and there were no keys in the car.) They played out there for at least an hour. I came out there to check on them and they were both wearing Meme and Poppy's sunglasses that they found in the car. (Claire told me that they were going on "cation" to Disneyworld.)

David like to wear the sunglasses upside down.

Apparently, the kids were pretending that they were the mommy and daddy on "cation" because I heard Claire saying "kids, calm down" to the pretend kids in the back seat of the car.

I wonder where she heard that?

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