Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is Alabama Football

Well, this football season was definitely different for us since Luke arrived after the second game of the season and Claire played soccer every Saturday in September and October. But, Will managed to make it to a few games and I even got to go to the last two game of the season.

We watched so many games at home and so many games were at night, that we spent many a Saturday night upstairs in the bonus room in front of the TV. Now when ANY football game is on, Claire thinks we can eat dinner upstairs while we watch the game and eat what she calls "Alabama chips" (AKA fritos).

Here are some pictures from the Bama/Mississippi State game.

And here are some pictures from the Iron Bowl. We really enjoyed the first half. The second half ... not so much.

Loved the pom pom gloves (look on the lady wearing the houndstooth coat) and the elephant hat next to her. It sure was cold that day!

A picture of Big Al for Claire. She loves Big Al!

At halftime ... we're all giddy over our 21-point lead. The happiness did not last for long.

Finally, we all cheered on the Tide as they played Michigan State in their Bowl Game on New Year's Day. Always nice to watch a football in the warm, cozy comfort of your own home!

Roll Tide!!

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