Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A very Hairy experiment

Will decided to grow a beard while he was off work over Christmas break. He is so hairy it took him about two days to grow this. He kept is trimmed up for most of the break, but shaved it off the day after Christmas. He said his face was getting very itchy.

I've never seen Will with a beard before (and I've known him since 8th grade) and it looked kind of nice. The first five years we were married, Will worked in the banking industry which pretty much has a "no facial hair" policy. There were lots of gray hairs in that beard ... I'm sure that three kids ages 4 and under and a sometimes crazy wife can do that to you!

Here is another hairy little man in desperate need of a haircut!! I had been taking him to our local Snip Its, but always get a different person and a haircut I am not completely happy with. Looks like we will be headed back to Meme's salon soon!

And this little man is lacking in some hair for now. He really doesn't lay on his back that much (except to sleep of course), but when he is on his back, he likes to move around. Hence, the bald spot.

I have a really awesome holiday post ready to go up, but I am having some problems posting it from my iPad for some reason. I'm going to keep trying in hopes that I don't have to re-do the whole thing in blogger. Because we all know that if I have to re-do it, you will probably never see it!

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