Friday, February 25, 2011

Show me the Love

Some of the Valentine's Day festivities from this year ...

I helped with Claire's Valentine party at school.

Some of her favorite little girl friends. Miss L in the middle is one of Claire's favorite friends and she loves her some Hello Kitty (or Kitty White as Claire calls her).

Enjoying chocolate cake for breakfast. The donuts where a "no show" but sweets are sweets right.

Claire was upset that I wasn't sitting by her (I wasn't sitting anywhere) so Ms. Pam gave her a little love.

My friend Jennie and her middle girl Miss A.

A group photo ... only missing one little boy I think.

Me and my girl.

The kids loved opening all of their Valentines. David carried his "McQueen" cards around for several days later. They both got lots of sweet treats.

Claire got a special valentine from Bryson. His mom and babysitter tell me all the time how much Bryson talks about Claire and how he's even said he is going to marry her! When we were signing his birthday card the other day, Will said "don't put 'love, Claire', just put her name." He is too funny.

My three little loves.

On a side note, I never in a million years thought Luke would wear David's old heart plane onesie (size 9M), but it fit perfect! Claire's outfit was a dress made by my mom when she was two. I could barely button it around her arms this year. We will be retiring that one to my keepsake box (or giving it to my neighbor's niece Claire).

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