Thursday, February 24, 2011

Luke: 5 months old

Well, even if I am doing horribly at keeping the blog updated otherwise, at least I am keeping up with the ins and outs of baby Luke. That is a good thing because I probably won't get to his actual baby book until he is in college (at which time I will be 51 ... we discussed this at church last night).

Here are the highlights from age 5 months:

-trying to sit up a lot ... he is starting to sit in his bumbo seat for longer periods of time but I still have to watch him quite closely as he is prone to tumble over.

-reaching for and grasping small objects. He is really starting to play with all those little toys we have hanging around his head (in carseat, playmat, etc.). He has even grabbed big sister's hair a few times.

-He loves to smile! If you catch his eye, he will smile. He is quite the little flirt. I do have a hard time catching the sweet smile on camera. He is quite mesmerized with the camera.

-He has the sweetest laugh ... like music to my ears. Will can really get him going if he rubs his head on his tummy.

-Everything goes in the mouth. His hands are in his mouth all the time. So much so that sometimes he will gag himself and spit up. We have a big spit up about once a day, but that is about it. Lots of drool though.

-Wearing 6-9 month clothing. Most of his 6 month stuff is getting pretty snug. We are ready for spring so he can move up into big brother's spring/summer hand-me-downs.

-Wearing size 3 diapers, which has helped with the daily blow-outs we were having in the size 2 diapers.

-Eating oatmeal and baby food. So far, he has tried squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and peas. He is NOT A FAN of the peas. He is a really good eater!

-He babbles, squeals and turns toward sound. I think he is starting to recognize his name. That would be "Luke" or "Baby Wooke" as David says. And we have finally gotten the hang of calling him Luke instead of David. I was afraid that he was never going to recognize his name because we also called him the WRONG name.

-He can hold his upper body up on his tummy and will play there for a while. (See below). He can roll in both directions and he will roll all over the place. I will put him down on his playmat and leave the room for a second and when I come back, he is all the way on the other side of the room (unless he runs into an obstacle, like the coffeetable. Then he just starts screaming).

-He is sleeping through the night (from 8pm to 7-8am) in his bed. HOORAY!

-He is still taking three naps despite my valiant efforts to get him to two longer naps a day. One of his naps is usually a quick 30-minute cat nap so I know we are getting close to dropping it.

-Just like my other two kids, he loves his crocheted blankets. All three of my kids have handmade blankets from this sweet man in Will's parents' church. My mom has also made blankets for Luke and David (she is working on a blanket for Claire). Luke is posing on his blanket from Meme that he just received a couple of weeks ago. Such a treasure!

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