Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're still here!

I have not been the best blogger this year. Here is what have we been up to lately ...

This is my old Samantha American Girl Doll ... Claire doll-napped her from Meme's house ... will save us about $100. Score!

Playing in the snow. We've had a lot of snow this year. Last time I checked, we lived in the south. The kids love it though. We only had one really good sledding snow (back in January) and schools were out the entire week!

David's favorite thing about the snow was coming inside and bundling up in front of a movie and drinking hot chocolate. That boy loves him some chocolate.

That boy has also figured out how to get into the refrigerator. We may need to put a lock on it! (He also likes to run around in his underwear.)

Will went to South Africa on a trip with our church for 12 long days. We are so glad to have him back home safe and sound. He is showing the kids where he is going on a map. I promise to devote a whole other post to his trip (he took over 400 pictures), but you can read about his trip (from other bloggers) here, here and here.

Claire has finally started playing her Leapster after having it for 2 long years. It has kept her entertained on the many days we have been stuck inside.

David has always loved his Tag Jr. reader. I promise this is not a big plug for Leap Frog products. Ha!

This little guy is loving him some oatmeal. And this is about the messiest he gets. He does not waste any food.

Did I mentioned that my mom bought both kids roller skates? A little crazy, but the kids are getting the hang of it and it has been a fun indoor activity during a very cold January. Claire is pretty good and David manages ok on the carpet. When he gets to the tile in the kitchen, he sits and scoots until he hits carpet again.

Lots of sweet smiles from this little guy ... and some laughs too. Apparently, we are pretty funny.

Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping this thing updated the rest of 2011!

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