Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I finally managed to get back to posting Menu Plan Monday after a 6-month plus vacation. Yikes!

I have been cooking a lot and menu planning during this time despite my lack of hosting. We had meals from our awesome Sunday School class for several weeks after Luke was born, then we hit the holidays and Will and I have been dieting since the first of the year.

After a weekend visiting the in-laws in Alabama, I am ready to jump back on the diet band wagon, so this meal plan is South Beach Diet friendly.

Speaking of SBD, my friend Holly told me about this AWESOME website that has great lo/no carb recipes. I have tried several recipes from this site already and they have all been delicious.

(Sorry for the lack of recipe links ... if a meal is really good, I will link up the recipe later.)

Monday: Turkey burgers (wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun), asian slaw

Tuesday: Baked pork chops, vegetables

Wednesday: Leftover turkey burgers, asian slaw

Thursday: Honey Pecan Chicken, vegetables

Friday: My birthday dinner at my parents' house

Saturday: Southwestern Egg casserole (breakfast), dinner out with friends (adults-only)

Sunday: Penne Florentine, salad (lunch), dijon tilapia, brown rice and asparagus (dinner)

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