Monday, March 21, 2011

It's not easy being GREEN!

The last of our St. Patrick's Day crafts. We finished them up on St. Patrick's Day (at the least the painting part of the projects).

(1) Hand-rocks.

Get it? Shamrocks made with hands. Will came up with that name so blame him if you think it is corny. (Claire turned her shamrock horizontal. Stem and all.)

I let the kids finger paint on the paper in blue and green. After the paint dried, I traced their hands with a pencil and cut out the 4 hands. Claire got in some good cutting practice as she cut 3 of her 4 hands out all by herself.

David supervised ... and grabbed my scissors to do his own cutting when I laid them down to help Claire. Glue 4 hands to the page.

Add a stem and ... voila. A 4-leaf clover. It would probably look better if I had only used 3 hands. Oh well. The kids colored the stem and added grass to the paper.

(2) A bouquet of clovers.

These were cute, but I didn't have a very good vase to put them in. Apparently, I threw away all my cheap florist vases when we moved into this house in 2005. And apparently, I haven't gotten any more flowers since them. Ahem!

Just kidding. I'm not a big flower girl and Will knows that. Plus, when we get flowers, they usually come from Sam's or Costco and we use our own vase when we get home.

Claire enjoyed painting the toilet paper rolls for this craft, but I ended up cutting and shaping them and actually putting together the flowers while the kids were outside playing one day. She probably could have done most of that herself though (with my supervision).

Both of these crafts came from this site.

(3) Tissue paper rainbows.

This craft was a little over David's head. (1) It took a long time. (2) He had a hard time scrunching up the tissue paper squares. He makes a lot of crafts at school with tissue paper so I thought this would be right up his alley. But, at school, they mostly just lay the tissue paper flat on the glue. He did make a tree at church last Wednesday night after we had done this craft on Tuesday and did a pretty good job of scrunching up the tissue paper squares to make flowers/leaves on the tree.

Claire didn't like this craft because (1) it took too long and (2) it was too similar to the other rainbow we had made earlier in the week.

Both of the kids really seemed to enjoy adding the cotton ball clouds at the end though. Glue + cotton balls = fun!

David really enjoyed the rainbow books that we read from the library, which were "A Rainbow of My Very Own" by Don Freeman and "Planting a Rainbow" by Lois Ehlert. The rainbow activities have really helped him with his color recognition.

Our "art board" with all of our March crafts. (David made a few of these things at school.)

David wearing his St. Patty's Day green ... another cute Honey Bee tee.

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