Friday, March 25, 2011

Chore charts

I bought these simple little chore charts in the dollar bin at Target ages ago. Claire has been begging me to get going on them and I finally put them up, oh, back in January.

I came up with what I thought were some age appropriate chores ... some things they should just do anyway as a member of our household, like brush their teeth and pick up their toys ... and other things that they could do to earn money, like unload silverware and cups from the dishwasher, set and clear the table and help sort laundry.

Claire was very excited about the money chores ... and Claire was very diligent to do her chores the first couple of weeks.

See the kids below hard at work putting away things from the dishwasher.

Unfortunately, Will and I never really sat down and worked out the whole allowance plan, and the chore charts filled up quickly and it was hard to change out the stickers every week. So, the chore charts kind of fell by the wayside.

Claire still asks about them though. Go here to see the plan we would really like to implement. I think her allowance rates are good too.

Now we just need to keep some cash around the house! We've got to get back on the ball with this before summer since my kids will be home every. single. day.

What chores do your little kids do? How do you handle allowance?

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Jadie said...

Our kids are a little older and are always on the computer, so we have been using I showed them how to calculate 10% for their savings, 10% for tithe, and the rest they can spend. It's a really neat site.