Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to School for the Boys

The boys started a new preschool this year. Actually, they are in a Parents' Day Out programs two days/week if you want to be all PC.

It was hard to leave our old program where Claire was for 3 years and David was for 2 years. I cried all the way home after I went to the new parent orientation. But I really wanted everyone in the same school system (old preschool was in a different county) and the new preschool is literally 5 minutes from our house. Now that we have made it through the first couple of weeks, I have been completely happy and at peace about my decision.

David clearly has other thoughts about it. Ha! He is such a goof ball. A picture with his backpack and lunchbox on the the first day.

David and his teacher Miss Ann. She is great! He really likes her but he is still very clingy to me when I drop him off. He told me on the second day that he only wanted to stay 1 hour. His teacher told me he started crying a little bit when he realized he was going to be there longer than 1 hour. He's decided he is okay with staying 5 hours now.

Luke had a great first day, although I forgot to put shoes on him. He hasn't worn shoes all summer and he isn't walking yet, so I didn't even think about it. I guess he was fine since the teachers never said anything to me about it. He was crying when I picked him up, but they said he had a good day.

Luke with his teacher Mrs. Teri. She has been there for like 17 years and she has 5 grown boys. I'll have to get a picture with his other teacher, Mrs. Diane, later on in the year.

I had a hard time leaving my baby boy for the first time. I've been away from him but I have never left him anywhere before. It was such a nice break when I got home, I was really happy he went!

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