Monday, September 12, 2011

Luke: 11 months old

Whew! I finished this one up just in the nick of time. Luke's first birthday is tomorrow!

This was a pretty eventful month for the Lukester (as David lovingly calls him).

This little lime green outfit was one I made for David and it is one of my favorites on Luke.

We started "practicing" with our sippy cup this month. Initially, he was not a fan, but he will now drink milk out of it. He is quite messy with it though as he will not swallow all the milk before he opens his mouth and lets it run all down his chin.

He loves to play in the garbage can. If it's full enough for him to reach, he will pull stuff out of there. I've even caught him trying to snack there a couple of times. He is such a mess!

Notice the sticker on his back (compliments of Target)? David is constantly putting stickers on him. We have a sticker check almost every night before bath/bed.

Luke loves to sneak into the office and play some tunes on the piano. He thinks he is BIG STUFF because he can reach the keys.

I love this picture of his little hands on the keys. (It looks like somebody ... probably David ... has been coloring on the piano keys ... don't judge me.) He sticks his little tongue out all the time when he is in deep concentration.

When he gets real excited, he waves his arms up and down and makes this face. Clearly, pulling a whole bunch of garbage bags out from under the sink is cause for excitement. Can you tell this boy keeps me on my toes??

Luke loves to play more than either of my other two children did at his age. He will sit and play with his toys for a long time. He loves to watch cartoons too. His favorite toys are the shape sorter, the ring stacker (both originally Claire's) and the pound-a-peg toy (David's).

The little green outfit he is wearing below is also a fave hand-me-down from my friend Amy. I wish he could wear it everyday. This boy can rock some hand-me-downs!

Luke got his first haircut/trim this month compliments of Meme. He was starting to look a little mullet-ish.

He was not a fan of Meme's salon.

We made many trips to the doctor's office this month as Luke had two different ear infections and a case of hives! Yikes!! I'm pretty laid back, but this kind of freaked me out. The picture below is from the second day and it was actually much worse on the third day and even spread to his face. The doctor thought it was probably viral and after we started a prescription antihistamine, the "bee hives" (as Claire called them), finally started to clear up.

Ok ... I hate to end the post on this picture, but that's all I've got!

A few bullets points from the 11th month:

-weight: 20 lbs., 7 oz.

-wearing size 3 diapers and size 12 months clothing

-crawling, climbing up the stairs, pulling up, cruising and standing alone

-eating all table food

-saying "mama", "dada", "uh-oh", and "baba" (for bottle)

-we have 4 teeth! two front teeth on the top and bottom (I seriously cannot get a picture of the teeth because his tongue is always in the way)

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