Friday, September 9, 2011

Swim Lessons

The kids took swim lessons daily for two weeks at the beginning of the summer. The staff did a great job!

This is Claire's 3rd summer in swim lessons and up until now, she could only doggy paddle. Now, Claire is now able to swim underwater and do an overhand stroke.

This was David's first time in swim lessons and he is much more timid and cautious than Claire is. I honestly didn't think he would even get in the water without me, but he surprised me! He did great too and at the end of the lessons he could swim underwater and float on his back. (I hate to say that he has regressed over the summer since we didn't swim all that much AND I always made him wear a life-vest when I had Luke to watch too.)

David floating.

David getting ready to glide underwater.

Claire is about to start swimming (in the middle with her head underwater).

Claire's group getting ready to jump in and come up for air and swim to the side (all by herself).

Luke was such a good boy ... sitting quietly in his stroller while the big kids swam.

Claire and her friend "C" from class. (C's dad is our pediatrician.)

Claire swimming on her back.

David (in blue) getting ready to swim for the wall.

Claire and C again with their medals.

Our whole group (8 kids) and their siblings. We ended up in a group with two other moms that I knew from the gym where I workout and all of the other kids in our class were either cousins or friends.

Claire and David with their swim medals.

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