Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun in the Mud

Will and I ran in the Warrior Dash a few weeks ago. It's website called it 3.17 hellish miles. I wouldn't exactly call it "hellish" but it was pretty muddy. Obstacles on the course included jumping over fire, crawling through a muddy pit, walking across a car graveyard and scaling several walls. Fortunately, the mud pit was the very last obstacle and was about 20 feet before we crossed the finish line, so we weren't muddy the entire time.

We had to sign a release to participate and my absolute favorite thing on the release was "I agree not to dive into or enter the mud pit head first." You know that is on there because someone has done it before. Yikes!

We started the race with two of Will's buddies. I say started because we ran about half a mile with them and then they took off and left us. They finished the race about 10 minutes before Will and I did. My clothes were so plastered to me after I stood up from the mud pit that I actually had to check and make sure my shorts were still on. Firetrucks were present to hose people off after they finished the race.

The best part of the Warrior Dash was these cool Viking hats we got after the race was over. The kids really seemed to like them. They had fun staying with a babysitter all day while we ran the race (an hour away from our house). This was the most expensive race I ran in for sure!

This event is not scheduled to take place near us next year, so I'm not sure we'll do it again or not. We sure had fun and it was way more fun than running a plain old regular 5K.

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