Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I skipped the menu plan last week because my mother-in-law sent me home with a ton of leftovers from last weekend that we ate on all week long. We ate something different every night. I am not joking when I say she sent home a whole Rubbermaid bin full of food.

Even though we still have a few leftovers, I'm going to have to make a plan for this week so I won't be floundering around in the kitchen at dinner time. (I have several meals in the freezer that I will need to pull out to thaw that morning.)

There are also a lot of repeats from the previous weeks' meal plan (that I prepared and stuck in the freezer) because we just didn't get around to eating them for one reason or another.

I really liked the new meal plan (5 meals, 1 hour) as I did prepare the meals in about an hour and then stuck most of them in the freezer. The one night I did cook one of the meals I simply poured it in a pan and cooked it and prepared the sides. It was "easy-peasy" as Claire would say.

Monday: Leftover roast with potatoes & carrots, lima beans, rolls

Tuesday: Steak, baked sweet potatoes, salad

Wednesday: BBQ chicken cups, green beans (or salad)

Thursday: Slow-cooked Asian Beef & Broccoli, brown rice, egg rolls

Friday: Spaghetti & Meatball casserole, salad, garlic bread

Saturday: Wheeler Mountain Chili

Sunday: pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (breakfast), eat out (lunch), leftovers (dinner)

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