Friday, October 7, 2011

A is for Apple ...

I won't bore you with a lot of homeschool stuff, but I do want to keep track of what we are doing so I'll throw some homeschool posts in every now and then.

We started David's first week of preschool with the Letter A. Shocking!

Actually, the first day, we read his most favorite (and mine) alphabet book. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We watched this video based on the book on YouTube and made a tot book that covered shapes, letters, colors, numbers, etc. (We watched the video and reviewed the tot book daily.)

We sampled 4 different kinds of apples for a snack. Claire still remembers the names of all the apples 2 months later.

We made handprint coconut trees and stamped the alphabet. (Claire participated in many of our crafts this week after she finished her school for the day.) My dormant scrapbooking supplies have come in handy for our homeschooling projects!

Making "A" with playdough.

Apple pie. It looked a lot prettier than it tasted or I would share the recipe. If you have a great apple pie recipe, please share!

This was a favorite ... apple stamping.

David loved these foam crafts from Totally Tots.

A little handwriting practice. Actually, we need a lot of practice.

Egg-carton ants.

Our "A" week on the board. Our "A" verse was "A soft answer turns away wrath." And, he actually memorized it by Day 3. I was super-impressed.

David's bible curriculum came from RRSP and most of our other curriculum is from LOTW.

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