Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Summer Wrap-Up

Okay ... these are just some random pics from this summer that I thought were cute and wanted to "preserve" for memory's sake.

Luke chillin' with his bottle at a Chick-Fil-A playdate.

Claire with her two best buddies from preschool. K and A.

A has a little sister (also A) who is one of David's church buddies. Truth be told, she really has a thing for baby Luke. I love how David is looking over at her in this picture.

The big kids went to gymnastics camp for a week this summer. They had a blast, but I was a little apprehensive about dropping David off. The camp had kids from 3-10 together and who was going to help him with his lunch? Big sister took really good care of him though (she even took him to the bathroom) and they both had a really fun time. I really liked it because most of the time, Luke napped the entire time they were there (10-1) so I had a little mommy stay-cation of sorts.

Here are the only pictures I have from camp. (It's hard to take photos when the kids are all the way across the gym and you are carrying a baby.) This is a craft the kids made the last day of camp.

David on the pommel horse.

Claire on the beam.

Will and they kids love to watch Looney Tunes after dinner. You know, that awkward 30 minutes or so between dinner and bedtime (on nights when the kids don't need a bath). I caught all 4 of them snuggled up in the recliner one night.

BTW, David has named his "baby" Porky Pig (it's this plastic pig toy from a happy meal that he pushes around in a doll stroller all the time). Thanks Looney Tunes!

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