Friday, November 4, 2011

Preschool Corner: U is for Umbrella

(David is 3 years, 6 months old)

Most of our activities came from our Letter of the Week curriculum.

This is the first unit where I had my new laminator! So, this is our first lacing page. David called it a kite all week and pulled it around by the string.

Working on our cut/tape bible verse from RRSP. (Like how our school room also doubles as my sewing/craft room?) David actually does a pretty good job of cutting in the gray area.

Dot painting our "U" words. This printable came from here.

Hooray! Coloring our bible verse page from RRSP.

Tracing our "U" words. At the end of the week, we cut out the pictures and add them to our alphabet book.

We made a Noah's Ark tot book. You know, umbrella ... rain. It was a stretch, but gave us a fun bible story to read and a fun way to review our numbers, shapes, colors, etc.

A fun umbrella craft I found here.

We also took an umbrella walk outside ... see the sunshine? Clearly the umbrellas weren't necessary but it was still fun. (I got this idea from Claire's preschool class last year.)

Working an umbrella puzzle from LOTW.

Color matching umbrellas from LOTW.

Oh the insanity ... I just love this picture with ALL THE SILLY BANDS! I think he was just tired of me taking his picture at this point.

Uppercase/lowercase Uu matching.

Claire played with some of our matching puzzles too.

Letter matching to spell umbrella.

One family activity I really wanted us to do but never got around to was an upside down evening. I'll save this for our Pre-K letter U week next year.

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