Monday, February 13, 2012

Crayon Art

There are lots of cute ideas for melted crayon art on Pinterest.  And if your house is anything like mine, there are lots of broken crayons that you can use for the "art" projects.
#1: melt by blow dryer.
We tried this method out at Christmas.  I found the "how to" here.  (We downsized our project a little bit.) I printed a reindeer head from the computer and Claire colored it in.  Then I mod-podged it to a 8x10 canvas and used my glue gun to glue 4 brown crayons beside his ears to make antlers.  Then, we used the blow-dryer to melt the crayons (it takes a while).  Tilt the canvas in the direction yous want the crayon to run.  We glued on googly eyes and a red pom-pom to make the face. 

Here are some other cute ideas using this mode of art.

#2: melt with griddle.
We did this back at Christmas too.  This kids had a blast doing this and we made it out without any burned fingers or hands!  I covered our griddle with foil but another idea is to put a cookie sheet on top.  The kids made a lot of art.  The finished product (that I did not photograph) ends up looking like stained glass when you hang in front of a window where the light can shine through the paper. 

#3: melt with iron.
Another cute idea.  [We haven't tried this yet.]  Put crayon shavings between pieces of wax paper and melt with inon on low setting.  Finished product also has stained glass effect.
#4: melt with candle.
I would like to do this project with Claire to teach her about pointillism.  This link uses a candle to melt the crayons, but I think you could also easily use the griddle too.

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