Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moments to Remember

Baby Luke took a couple of morning naps last week (he was super-fussy due to some teething issues) so we had some extra time to do some fun school stuff that we can't normally do.

Here is Claire reading one of her BOB books to David.  She can read most of these pretty easily now.  she is so comfortable, in fact, that she had decided in this photo that she was going to teach David how to read.  He is not quite ready, but he is getting there.

And I love that Claire wants to be a teacher one day.  Actually, a doctor, artist, mommy and teacher.  She will be good at whatever she decides to do!
David was quite the attentive student when Claire was "teaching" him.
We also had fun playing a game on the floor, which would never happen if Baby Luke was on the loose!

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