Friday, March 2, 2012

Preschool Corner: Letter H (Hungry, Hungry Hippos)

Welcome to Letter H week.  Our main Hippo activities came from Erica's LOTW curriculum.

{David is 3 years, 10 months old}

Working on our H bible verse from RRSP
"Honor your father and your mother."  Exodus 20:12.
Claire has been doing our Bible time with us each day.  Carisa has created some wonderful Kindergarten printables to go along with the preschool program.

Please pardon ALL THE LAUNDRY in the background.  Multi-tasking at its finest. 

David modeling his cut & tape verse. 

We started the week working on our Handy Manny tot book.  David has about outgrown the Tot Books but he really likes Handy Manny and it is a fun way to review our shapes, colors, name, etc.  The tot books are still some of his favorite things to pull out and review long after we have finished the letter of the week. 

Another big hit with this boy: alphabet mazes.  

We pulled out the Kumon cut & paste book Santa brought and worked on the Horse and the Hippo.  He loves this book although he is a little old for it.  He pretty much work through the entire book in a couple of sittings. 

Taking a break to play with baby brother for a few minutes.  The piggy bank was a school toy that Luke got for Christmas and it is taking him a while to warm up to it! 

This was David's paper from Wednesday night church this week.  I guess we will make the switch from writing in ALL CAPS to lowercase one letter at a time!  And any tricks for learning the difference between LC d and b?  Claire still has trouble with this too.

When I saw this, I bragged on David for trying to write the lc d and he said it was "easy peasy".  I will have to correct this in the future, but he was super-proud of himself.

Lakeshore Learning had some free learning apps right before Christmas and David routinely plays the Sound Sorting and Letter of the Day apps as part of his school activities each week.  In Sound Sorting, you can pick 3 sounds at a time so I typically do the letter of the week and pick 2 others sounds to review.  (FYI ... I don't think these apps are free anymore.) 

Number writing.  This is something new we have started since the beginning of the year. 

Counting.  I typically make his order the number cards 1-10, then have him place the correct number of counters on each card.  He has gotten progressively better about doing this activity independently. 

Claire likes to come sit with us to do her seatwork each day.  Here they are both working on their handwriting. 

Hippo color matching. 

Friday of this week was a SNOW DAY!  Well, not really for us homeschoolers, but the kids did play outside for a few minutes before our dusting of snow melted away.

We made Haystacks for a snack.  These things are so messy but so good.  And I am the only one in our house that ate them.  Why do I live with such picky dessert eaters? 

After much begging and pleading from the kids, we made gingerbread Houses.  We never got around to making these at Christmastime and I had already purchased the kits at Costco (and never made it back to return).  We call them "Winter Houses".  Ha! 

This was a fun Friday night activity for the big kids after baby brother went to bed.  And since we did letters G and H back to back, it was a nice activity to reinforce both letters. 

Playdough Hh.  Find playdough mats here.

Hearts on H.  We also did "happy faces" on H.  We love stickers! 

Our Letter H project board.

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TheRockerMom said...

Wow!! You provided so many wonderful activities. Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah said...

Love his finished board of work! I planned to make haystacks for H week but never got around to it...those look yummy! I like so many of your ideas. I'm a new follower - found you through Preschool Corner.

Stefanie said...

Great week!! We're using RRPS too and my daughter gets sooo angry when the taped verses are short. She's so funny.

Popping in from Pre-k corner