Tuesday, April 3, 2012


My mom had a birthday back in February.  Claire and I got to take her to lunch (with my sister) the day after her birthday.

My mom and my sister Ashley.

Will's mom and I both have birthdays in March (10 days apart).  We visited Will's family on the weekend on her birthday to celebrate.

Here we are with my favorite cake ... Italian Cream Cake.  And I just realized that I am wearing the same dress I had on my mom's at my mom's birthday lunch here.  (It's new so you will probably see it a lot!)

Here we are without the cake.

Here are some pictures of RiRi and her grandkids while she was opening gifts.

These are Will's brother's kids.

My birthday fell on a Wednesday and I had to go to church with Claire for the new christian class so we met for frozen yogurt at Sweet CiCi's after church.  Luke will yell at you if you don't feed him fast enough.  And he is loud!

There was a lot of chocolate ice cream.

Me and the kiddos.

I got this awesome necklace for my birthday.  (I picked it out myself.)  Claire thinks we are going to share it.  Not any time soon!

Will and I did get to go out for a grown-up dinner and movie (The Hunger Games) over the weekend to officially celebrate my birthday.  But the kids get so excited about our birthdays, we always like to include them in the celebrating.

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