Monday, April 2, 2012

Daddy went camping ...

Will went on his first for-real camping trip back in February.  Like, he pitched a tent and slept on the ground and boiled his own water camping trip (and drank water from a stream). 

His two friends, who are professionals, supplied him with most of his camping gear so this was not a big investment for us.  They went to the Firey Gizzard trail in Grundy County, Tennessee and hiked about 2 miles in to their campsite.

His view ... beautiful waterfalls. 

We had a rather mild February, but the night they spent outside got down to freezing temps.  Good thing Will had a nice warm sleeping bag!

Hiking out the morning after.  This is Will with the other newbie camper.  (There were four guys total.)

Will's tent.  His humble abode.

Another beautiful view.

Steve, Will and Chris.  Chris is Will's business partner and I joke that he talks to him more everyday than he talks to me.  But he really does.  Fortunately, he is a great guy!

Will and I neither one had outdoorsy fathers.  I went camping for the first time when I was in college.  I was really hoping that he would like camping because I think it would be something fun for our family to do together when our kids get a little older.  As long as there is a campsite with a toilet and a shower!  And lots of smores.  And singing around the campfire.  (I don't think Will's crew did any singing.)  I don't mind cooking over an open fire, but I would miss my indoor plumbing!  Other than the frigid cold, I think he had a great time!

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