Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebrating Birthdays

Claire and David both had birthdays in April.  4 days apart.

So instead of having two parties, we took them to Atlanta for the weekend.  But, we still had to have cake and a few friends over to celebrate.

Claire picked this ginormous Hello Kitty cookie cake.  It was really good and I'll admit to eating more than my fair share of it!

Claire had her two special friends from church over on a Wednesday afternoon for a little birthday playdate.  We played, ate cake and pizza (in that order) and then loaded everyone up and took them to church to meet their mommies. 

Claire has been friends with Avery and Kathryn since they were 2 years old!  And now they are all 6.  Sniff, sniff ...

Don't you love how David is supervising the gift opening?

The weather was perfect for playing in the backyard.  I think these girls are getting a little too big for this bounce house.  It deflated several times while they were playing on it because it kept coming unhooked from the air supply because they were bouncing so big and so much!

Then we played with the birthday gifts.  I highly recommend the Melissa & Doug fashion design and activity kit for 6-year-old girls.

A pizza picnic on my coffee table.

Here is Claire on her actual birthday.  (She picked out her own outfit.)

Chocolate chip pancakes for the birthday girl's breakfast and birthday pizza for lunch.  (She really likes the candles and "happy birthday" singing so we did it at every meal it seems like.)

Our next door neighbor, Kate, came over for some birthday celebrating too.  She brought gifts for both Claire and David.

We also got to meet up with RiRi and DiDi for dinner that night.  (We were really meeting to drop Luke off with them while we went to Atlanta.)

On David's birthday, he requested biscuits and chocolate gravy for his special breakfast.

David's cake of choice ... Cars cupcakes!

Time to blow out the candles.

Me and my boy!

The rest of the family.

Daddy & David.

Love these sweet kiddos and cannot believe another year has come and gone.

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