Monday, May 7, 2012


This silly little boy just turned 4.  Sometimes David is timid and shy.  Sometimes he is goofy and crazy.  Sometimes he will talk your head off!  He is definitely my quirkiest child ... from throwing an instant fit to the repeated trips to the bathroom (anxiety much?), but I do believe he is the funniest and my deepest thinker.

Some of David's current favorites and highlights from the year:

TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, LeapFrog videos 

Movie: Cars 2, Mater's Tall Tales, Pixar's Short Films (aka "short movies")

Song: soundtrack from Big Apple Adventure (Lifeway's 2011 VBS)

Food: chocolate chip granola bars, squeezy yogurt, macaroni & cheese, applesauce

Candy: Kit Kat, Nestle Crunch

Toy: Transformer Cars 2 cars (a birthday gift), Wii (favorite games include Cars 2 and Lego Batman)

Activity: soccer, scooter/bike riding, we are starting My Gym soon 

Friends: Ian, Kate, Will & Maclaine (church buddies)

Stats: Height-3 feet, 4 inches, Weight-35 pounds

Sizes: Clothing (size 4) and shoes (size 9 to 9-1/2)

My proudest moments this year: learning all the letter sounds and learning to count to 30 ... I love how much you love school, singing in the kids' choir Christmas program at church (you sang with such gusto and I didn't even think you would get on stage), watching you do the motions and sing the VBS songs at the end of the week program

Struggles: speech articulation, not liking Miss Ann's class at MDO because you have to nap, anxiety/nerves, tantrums (3 was much more terrible than 2), getting dressed in the morning, still wearing pull-ups at night

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