Sunday, June 10, 2012

Matilda Jane Love

I love Matilda Jane brand clothing for Claire.  I'm glad I just have one girl or I might go broke buying it (just kidding of course).  This season, there were several random pieces that I really liked, but I didn't like any matching piece in the line.  So, I bought the pieces I liked and headed to the fabric store to make matching companion pieces.

I made this cute top (Sarah pattern) to match the MJ aqua shorties (super-cute knit ruffle shorts).  The top ties in the back. 

I made this cute apron skirt to go with the pink ribbon top.  I love all the yellow, pink, red and green together.  (This skirt pattern is from the Little Girls, Big Style book.)

I made another cute skirt (the Easy Peasy skirt pattern from Mod Kid) to go with this cute celery tank top.  This skirt seriously takes about 30 minutes to make from start to finish.

I like doing this because (1) it saves me a little money [a MJ 2-piece outfit can run anywhere from $60+ ... my way, I spend $26-$30 on one piece and about $10 on fabric to make the matching top/bottom] AND (2) Claire has unique outfits [there is a lot of MJ in the area where we live and you see a lot of the same outfits all the time ... this way, at least we are a little different].

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