Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DinoTrek at the Zoo

The kids and I took a field trip to the zoo to see the DinoTrek exhibit.

Verdict: David loved it, Claire hated and Luke tolerated it.

We love seeing the blue birds as we enter the zoo.

And then we headed straight to the DinoTrek exhibit because there was an obscene number of school kids there on field trips and I wanted to go before it got too crowded.  It was a bit sunny.

Lots of fun dinosaurs that looked surprisingly real.

All smiles from the boys ... I was afraid Luke would be scared but he was fine.

Another "scary" dinosaur.

David loved the dinosaurs, but he kept his ears covered the entire time.  (FYI ... he also covers his ears when he flushes public toilets.)

This guy had a lot of teeth.

Baby dinosaurs hatching from their eggs.

This was by far David's favorite dinosaur.  I'm not sure why, but it was.

Here he is posing with his favorite dinosaur.

T-Rex was the last dinosuar on the tour.

David loved the dinosaur dig at the end.  He played there a while and I finally had to literally drag him away.

We also visited the Historic Farm at the zoo for the first time.  Nothing too exciting, but definitely worth the stroll up there.

And then we posed with a dinosaur.

The zebras were out in full force.

The kids also got to ride the train for the first time thanks to some Easter money from Aunt Sissy.

Headed to see my favorite animal at the zoo ... the Flamingo.

These flamingos were having a little spat.

My failed attempt to get a good picture of the kids as we were leaving the zoo.

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