Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I know what you did this summer: Summer Fun (Part I)

Here are a few random shots of our early-summer ... before it got too awful hot!

Taking late afternoon naps while Mommy cooks dinner.  (This boy can sleep anywhere!)

Making super-big messes.  Luke's method of "playing with toys" involves dumping them all in the floor and then playing with a few things.

Perfecting our climbing skills.  This is where we used to put everything we didn't want Luke to reach.  Not anymore!

Riding scooters.

And pushing the baby stroller.  Sometimes Luke will put his sippy cup in there and push it around!

Lots of bumps and bruises!  Luke's 1st black eye with a bruise on his lower cheek to boot.

Wagon rides.  I get a really good work out pulling around 60 pounds of kid in our hilly neighborhood!

Sometimes the wagon rides are not so much fun for Luke.

This boy loves chalk!

Like I said, these pictures are from early-summer.  We have been to the pool a lot and I don't have one single picture!

To be continued ...

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